Kamila Smogulecka: biography of MMA fighter

Kamila Smogulecka: biography of MMA fighter

Kamila Smogulecka is an extremely outrageous and prominent figure on the Internet. She changed many professions: singer, actress, model, blogger.

Gaining great popularity after becoming an MMA fighter, now Kamila earns a living by fighting in popular events and posting videos on her Tik Tok account. 

However, little is known about Camila’s past despite her great popularity in female MMA. So, we’ve decided to compile a detailed biography of the athlete for all interested fans. 

Kamila Smogulecka Bio

The future star of sport and the blogosphere was born on October 12, 1995, in the Polish city of Lodz and was named Karolina at birth.

The first fame came to Smogulecka at 17, when the girl starred in the video of the Polish singer Donatan. A year later, Karolina appeared in the video of this artist for the song My Slowianie (“We are Slavs”), which represented Poland at the Eurovision 2014 contest in Denmark. The video has gained immense popularity, collecting 82 million views.

Kamila Smogulecka Bio


At the same time, Carolina, who was fond of esotericism and magic, also showed her love for pseudonyms: the girl made her debut on the screens under the name of Luxuria Astarot, which she took from demonology.

A memorable appearance has become a pass for young talent in the modeling business. After some time, Kamila was invited to star in the full-length Polish film The Promise. When the first, vivid interest in the person of Smoguletskaya faded away, the rising diva felt that no one needed her. Immediately she tried to show even more outrageous behavior. She also began to seek solace in alcohol and drugs. It got to the point where medical intervention was needed: luckily, Camila’s mother convinced her to go into therapy.

Does Camille Have a Boyfriend?

Who Camilla’s boyfriend is a big secret. It is surprising that such a sociable, outrageous girl decided to hide such an important part of her personal life. But maybe she doesn’t have a boyfriend right now and that would perfectly explain the lack of information. In any case, there is no news about her personal life yet. Maybe it will change in the future.

Camilla’s fighting career


Here are some facts about Camilla’s fighting career:

  • The debut in the lightest weight category of a new MMA fighter with a more experienced athlete, blogger Marta Linkevich, took place in the spring of 2020 and ended with the defeat of Kamila.
  • Kamila won the next fight: in a meeting with model and fitness trainer Dagmara Shevchik, Zusya was stronger.
  • In the spring of 2021, she lost to the Polish Instagram model Kamila Vybranchik.
  • In the fall, she became the winner in a battle against blogger Martha Rentel.
  • She also fought to a draw with a less-popular Polish woman fighter.

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Author: Jesus Simmmons